General Manager/Head - Marketing/Category Management - FMCG (14-15 yrs)

Published On: 27 Jan 2021

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General Manager/Head - Marketing/Category Management - FMCG (14-15 yrs)

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12 - 15


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Full Time

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ROLE : GM Marketing(Category Head)

DEPARTMENT : Marketing

LOCATION : Any of the Metro cities.

The incumbent :

1. Assumes responsibility for a Category for monitoring all marketing & and branding activities while maintaining brand focus internally & externally.

2. Develops the marketing & brand management strategy of Brand Category to support top line & bottom line growth & foray into new segments and innovative products.

3. Directs the evaluation of Brand Category Portfolio including brand definition & proposition, advertising concept, pricing, packaging, place and promotion for each category & brand.

4. Assumes overall responsibility for Brand Activation.

5. Ensures co-ordination with sales department to implement & monitor all marketing initiatives.

6. Ensures effective media evaluation & planning attain maximum ROI by coordinating with key media providers.


A. Strategic :

1. Scans the business environment to explore options for revenue generation from new and existing customers.

2. Drives the formulation of marketing strategy of Brand Category encompassing all brands.

3. Understands the strategic business requirement of the organization based on the organisation growth focus and strategy.

4. Strategises on new product development & reaching to new segments by continuously scanning the business environment for untapped consumer bases based on market intelligence.

5. Leads and finalises brand plans & growth avenues and their strategic fit with corporate plan.

6. Assumes overall responsibility in formulation of Brand vision, brand architecture & plan for brand extension.

B. Operational :

1. Guides brand & category managers to develop these strategies into detailed marketing plans and executions.

2. Ensures individual brand focus is maintained through all possible media options and co-ordinates with Corporate communication to ensure alignment of branding strategy for Brand Category

3. Ensures that the brand identity is leveraged by aligning the brand strategy with the brand identity.

4. Takes overall responsibility for Product Conceptualisation, positioning & New product development in co-ordination with R&D.

5. Monitors Brand health, product performance segment wise and aligns actions to Marketing strategy.

6. Co-ordinates with Market research agencies to get feedback on existing products and on their availability & brand equity.

7. Co-ordinates with media agencies for effective media planning & evaluation to ensure optimal ROI on all media investments.

8. Gathers relevant data continuously on pricing patterns to aid pricing decisions of all brands.

9. Regularly collects and analyses competitor information through market intelligence and other sources.

10. Scans the business environment on a continuous basis to identify, analyse and capture market trends and demands and provides developmental feedback for capability building targeted at catering to the market's present and future requirement.

11. Develops market entry strategy for previously untapped geographies based on market intelligence.

12. Evaluates marketing consultants employed on their deliverables and ensures desired results are achieved.

13. Develops standardised Systems and Processes to enhance performance and remove redundancies.

C. Financial :

1. Develops Annual Plans & Budgeting for the brand and monitors the expenditure.

2. Ensures Optimal pricing of products so that the top-line & bottom-line objectives of the brand group are strictly met.

3. Strives to increase return on expenditure on advertisement & brand endorsement.


A. Personal Attributes :

- Self-starter who can understand, formulate and execute business plans accurately. He needs to understand market flow, company strategy and how to implement it independently.

- Visionary, he should be able to visualize what he and the company wants for the brand in future. He should be able to communicate the vision to others and also inspire others to share it with him

- Problem Solver, with limited supervision who can take critical decisions

- Build relationships with good networks and contacts to gain support from all levels of company, customers and people

- Focus on identification of needs and delivering results is the base of every function. The person should think and maximize efforts in the requisite direction to deliver the best results.

B. Qualification & Desired Skills :

- Masters degree in Business Administration (Premiere B School), good academic background with 14+ years of total experience in good FMCG.