Benefits For Recruiter

Recruiter can manage whole recruitment process

- Recruiter can easily manage their recruitment steps. CareerSnaps provides you 6 steps of recruitment steps which contain Response & Relevance stage, Candidate’s interest, Client’s Approval, Interview stage, Short Listing Stage and Final Stage.

Steps of Recruitment process are described as follows.

1. Response and relevance stage -: Here recruiter can decide whether candidate’s profile is relevant or not.

As soon as candidate applies to job his profile will get displayed in this step.

2. Candidate interest -: Whether candidate is interested or not.

3. Client approval -: Whether client likes profile or not.

4. Interview stage -: Whether all interview stages are cracked by candidate or not.

5. Short listing stage -: Whether candidate’s profile is shortlisted or not.

6. Final stage -: If candidate accepts the offer and joins (offered & closed). If candidate says no to join back out

Recruiter can generate reports as per job

- Recruiter can easily generate reports of each job and can submit to their seniors. Use places my profile to raise your chance of closing position and to be a part in top recruiter's list.

Recruiter can download activity report as per job

- This is the advance feature to determine the recruiter’s daily activity. In this report recruiter and his senior can easily see the status of profile searching & daily working activity made on CareerSnaps.

Recruiter can generate client format online

- Recruiter can generate client format online. Please suggest fields you want to have in the client format at

Recruiter can recommend job to job seeker

- Recruiter can recommend job to candidates directly on their mail Id.

Recruiter can grab all actively looking for change people.

- CareerSnaps will provide you pool of all actively looking for change people where you can recommend a job to each of them.

Recruiter can save profile for future use

- Recruiter can save the profiles which are relevant or job matching profile for future use.

Recruiter can save search

- Recruiter can save search which he/she can continues work on this next day.

Recruiter public profile

- Everyone can see your all active jobs on your public profile. This is helpful for the spread all job posting on your account in market through single link.