About us

What is 'Career Snaps'?

 -         ‘Career Snaps’ is a genuine online job site in India. It is predominantly built for recruiter and job seeker to bring them together. ‘Career Snaps’ offers comprehensive career opportunities for top, middle and senior level professionals across industries as well as across functions and locations. It deliberates and promotes this venture especially for the people from premier B school, tier 1, 2 and top engineering colleges across India. Our aspiration is to make CareerSnaps very advance and constructive for recruiters and job seekers. Our job section has designed in such way that job seekers can find relevant job easily based on their industry and function expertise.


Why 'Career Snaps’?

-           ‘Career Snaps’ is the genuine online recruitment platform for all recruiters and job seekers accordingly to bring them together. ‘Career Snaps’ provides an advanced tool for recruiters and job seekers to connect them with each other and keep informing each other about job applications. It also puts forward preferable relevance of results through Its database of applicants, delivered through its exclusive way which helps candidates to get the jobs they be creditable of and helps recruiters to take on faster.

Who are we?

-           We are a team of people who are proficient in market research, recruitment, product development, technology understanding, online marketing and providing job opportunities for middle-senior and top level management. We are committed to deliver the best and advance platform and service for our targeted segment. We have associated with over 1, 00,000 applicants previously and this is just start …

When we started?

-           We are lately founded in Dec 2013 with the vision of the best product experience to our segment. Our services are to give precise job to right candidates and also to help recruiters to find job matching profiles.

We believe in

-         We believe in long term relationship

-         We believe in offering virtual services to job seekers and recruiters.

-         We also believe in maintaining relationships with respect and integrity with whom we interact.

-         We believe in developing extraordinary product strategies which are essential for recruiters and jobseekers.

-         We believe in excellence, teamwork and success.

-         We believe in innovation which can help our users to reduce their manual work, get job recommendation, get immediate response from job seeker, get immediate job matching profile on dashboard, easy to manage whole recruitment process and generate reports as per job.

We Serve to

      Job seeker 

To search jobs as per his / her function and industry expertise, to post resume and to access the more job openings

-         We mainly serve to people who are Indian and located across the world.


To get immediate right to entry to the most powerful and advanced hiring tools, to post jobs, to search profiles, to generate daily report on one click and easily understand recruitment process.

-         We predominantly serve recruitment for top, senior and middle level management professionals across industries such as FMCG, Pharma, Construction, Retail, Engineering, Automobile,real estate, Consumer durables, telecom professionals etc.

-         We feature some of the best jobs in Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, and Senior Management.


Future prospects –

-         To provide services to jobseekers that would help them to nurture their life

-         To provide employer platform where they can interact with jobseekers

-         To provide services to employer where they can represent themselves to the jobseekers

-         To provide the advance platform for recruiter where they can enjoy real time hiring.


Would you like to contact us?

Contact us at: contact@careersnaps.com