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Q:  Why should I use CareerSnaps?
A: We are innovators and great product developers, we believe that change is inevitable and we have developed this product to simplify recruitment processes, manage it on application, and generate reports
1.    Use CareerSnaps to connect with jobseekers for lifetime.
2.    Use CareerSnaps to find people from database with various aspects of their professional information.
3.    Recommend job to job seekers over mail.
4.    Send mail to candidate directly through careersnaps.
5.    Generate reports any time.
6.    Get public profile link where all your active jobs are listed and market that link over social media. This will help you to market all jobs in just one share on LinkedIn and facebook.
7.    Get list of people who are actively looking for change.
8.    Make client format online.
9.    Use social media to market your job.

Q:  How does recruitment process work?
A: Recruitment process divided into 6 steps below

1.    Response and relevance stage -: Here recruiter can decide whether candidate’s profile is relevant or not. (Three cases: (a) When candidate apply for the job then his/ her profile will appear in this stage (2) if job is recommended by recruiter to candidate and if he says yes and (3) profile is placed by recruiter)
2.     Candidate’s interest -: Jobseeker’s (candidate) level of interest in job after having interaction with recruiter. As per candidate’s feedback recruiter can take appropriate action.
3.    Client approval -: Say approved if client approves or say not approved if client say not approved.
4.    Interview stage -: If all interview stages are cracked by candidate then say ‘cracked’ if not then ‘fail’.
5.     Short listing stage -: If candidate is shortlisted then say ‘shortlisted’ if not then ‘not shortlisted’.
6.    Final stage -: If job is offered to candidate and accepted by candidate say ‘offered and closed’ if candidate backout say ‘backout’.

Q:  What are active, passive, and neutral job seekers?
A: Active job seekers are those who are actively looking for change, passive jobs seekers are those who are not actively but if good job comes they may think of and neutral means at this stage they are not looking for change...

Q:  What is Place My Profile?
A: -    Through place my profile you can add matching candidate's profile for respective job manually. This will help you to increase your possibility to close the position and to be in the list of top recruiters. Another benefit would be to be in touch with candidate for lifetime and more data views.

Q:  What is the meaning of active/inactive/on hold/closed jobs?
A: 1.    Active job stands for visible job to candidate to apply.
2.    Inactive job stands for job which is not visible to candidate to apply.
3.    On hold job stands for job which is visible to candidate with tag on it on hold and candidate can still apply
4.    Closed job stands for those which are closed by another party.
5.    Closed by me jobs personally closed by you – this feature is under development

Q:  How to generate client format?
A: -    When user is in client approval stage recruiter can click on create client format and can easily get the same. If you want to see client format  or have any suggestion related to client format of CV please feel free to contact@careersnaps.com

Q:  How can I generate reports?
A: -    Recruiter can easily generate report based on each posted job.  By the end of the day recruiter can simply click on take snap (report) and download the report.

Q:  What is the significant of activity report?
A: -    Activity report is to understand daily email sent report, mobile no views report, recommend job report etc.

There are lot of new features are in pipe line which will help recruiter to grow throughout all aspects.

Jobseeker’s FAQ

Q:  What will be the cost of registration?
A: -    Registration is free on CareerSnaps there is No cost involved at all...

Q:  What is the need of Industry Aspiration & company Aspiration?
A: -    Industry aspiration-: Job seeker can select industry in which he/she wants to work in future which will help recruiter to pitch relevant jobs.

-    Company aspiration-: Company aspiration provides job seeker opportunity to select
Companies in which he/she wants to work with in future.

Q:  Can recruiter see my complete profile?
A: -    Yes, recruiter can see your profile except privacy settings that you have set. Fields like address cannot be seen by recruiter. You can see profile view that recruiter is going to see through public profile link.

Q:  Can I apply more than one job?
A: -    Yes, job seeker can apply more than one job.

Q:  What does product/service section stands for?
A:  Products/Services mean products/services that you are currently looking after. This may contains home care products, personal care products, or any particular product name.

Q:  Can I keep my CV confidential?
A: -    Yes. If you don’t want to show your CV you can simply keep it private.

Q:  What does mean by move within company preferable, not preferable and Depends?
A: -    Preferable – If you would like to pursue your further career in same organization you can simply say preferable.
-     Not Preferable – If you would not like to pursue your further career in same organization you can simply say not preferable.
-    Depends – If it depends on situations you can simple say depends…

For any further help please write us on contact@careersnaps.com